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Gegrillte Kastanien


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  • Gesamtzeit 35 Min.
  • Zubereitung
    5 Min.
  • Backen
    30 Min.
  • Abkühlen
    0 Min.

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4 Personen

  • 500 g *Fresh chestnuts


  • Regular Grid
    Regular Grid


Schritte 1 /3

*Use a knife to make an incision along three quarters of the surface of the chestnuts. This step is important, as it allows the steam inside the chestnuts to be released during cooking. If your incisions are not large or deep enough, your chestnuts risk exploding while cooking.

  • 500g *Fresh chestnuts

Schritte 2 /3

*Place the chestnuts in the Easy Fry with the standard tray. Start the AIR FRY programme at 180°C for 30 minutes.

  • Regular Grid

Schritte 3 /3

*Once cooked, leave the chestnuts to cool. Remove the skin by hand and enjoy.